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In the digital age, you’re never too young to learn valuable STEM skills. Explore code, game design, and graphic design at Tech Rocket, an online learning destination for kids and teens launched by iD Tech.

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Minecraft is alive with a whole world of possibilities! Make your very own distributable mods with Minecraft and Forge. From custom recipes to armor, weapons, and even food, we've cooked up one of the most complete sets of Minecraft Modding resources available.

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Hour of Code™ on Tech Rocket

Participate in the Hour of Code™ at Tech Rocket. Mini code courses featuring programming languages like Javascript, Python, and Ruby. Learn the basics of coding through awesome adventures. Ready to earn your wings? Pick a language, try it out, and see if it’s for you.

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“Tech Rocket is the perfect place to further your knowledge in programming, web development, and game development. I went from being a beginner in a few programming languages to having a wide knowledge of many! The moderators and forum-goers are very nice and I always enjoy the experience.” Avatar


"Tech Rocket offers tips from pros that normal video learning doesn’t provide. The tutorials walk you through so you can independently make projects using your own computer!" Avatar


My overall feeling towards the Tech Rocket courses was that I really enjoyed the experience because it opened my eyes to a new way of learning. I also learned that programming is really fun and interesting. Avatar

A 12th grade girl from Bellarmine-Jefferson High School

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