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Nice Things Our Customers Have Said

"Tech Rocket was a lifesaver when teaching my students how to 3D print. With the national science standards changing to include more designing and engineering concepts it was important for my students to learn how to create their own 3D print designs. My students loved it! Thank you Tech Rocket for giving my students a great introduction to the world of 3D printing!" Avatar

Courtney - Middle School CS Teacher

"We have family friends who paid their way through college by building apps, so I know that what I learn on Tech Rocket is not only fun, but can really help you in your job someday." Avatar

Kate - 4th Grade Student

"Tech Rocket is just so much fun – I love how positive and encouraging the whole site is, how much you can learn, and I love that each module teaches you something in a defined period of time, so you feel like you’ve accomplished something after each session." Avatar

Elsie - 6th Grade Student

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