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Learn programming with courses on Java, C++, Python & iOS.

Game Design
Learning programming can be intimidating, but not here! Our online coding courses cover the most popular programming languages. Use your newfound programming skills to make apps, games, and program gadgets.


Python 1
Python and the Curse of the Unusually High Waves

New to programming? Not quite sure what’s going on? This free Python course has you covered. Python simplifies coding so that even new users can understand it. Start by getting set up in the environment and going through the basics. Finish by tackling even more Python programming with variables and user input.

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Python and the Crystal Skull: Learning Conditions

Now that you've created a program in Python, it's time to test your skills with the mysterious Crystal Skull! Harness it’s power to talk to passing ships—using conditional statements! You’ll learn to bend if/else statements and loops to your will. Then, wrangle lists to create a container for your messages. It’s just another day on the high seas.

Function Creation in Python

You’ve climbed the Python mountain, and there’s one course remaining before you reach the peak. You are going to need methods – self-contained and reusable sections of code that perform specific actions. Methods make writing complicated programs a breeze!


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Java Basics

When people think of programming, chances are they’re thinking about Java. And it looks like you are too! From your very first program to standard programming structures, you will learn the basics of Java programming in this course. Use the knowledge gained from this course to create programs of your own. Learn to code in your browser, no installation needed!

Object-Oriented Programming

Now that you’ve breezed through the basics, it is time to talk about arrays and classes, as well as some of the other more in-depth topics that let you code with objects! These awesome programming structures help you simplify your code, using fewer commands to get exactly what you need! Once you get the hang of these, you will be well on your way to becoming a Java wizard.

Advanced Java Concepts

Have you mastered Java? Want to test your skills and take them further? Or can you use some help? We’ve got you covered! We’ll take an in-depth look at the core topics in Java, some of which are covered on the AP Computer Science Exam. Conquer this course, and you’ll be able to tackle Java with supreme confidence!


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Swift Wildfire: Business As Usual

Swift Wildfire: Business as Usual is an exciting introductory course into the world of iOS app building using Apple’s new programming language, Swift, and developing application Xcode. This course provides an in depth, hands-on approach for the iOS beginner. Students are taken into an engaging action story (Wildfire) where students build two functional mobile apps. Welcome to Swift Wildfire!


Getting Started with C++

Want to talk to robots? C++ will help you communicate with machines. This snazzy object-oriented programming language is perfect for everything from desktop applications to systems design to video games. You can literally tell the computer exactly what you want it to do. Learn the basics of C++ and bend this language to your will!

Conditional Statements in C++

What happens if the robots talk back? What happens if they don’t? Be ready for all possibilities by mastering conditional statements. With conditionals, tell your programs when to run and when not to. After this course, you will be coding like a pro, looping and checking conditions with real mastery!

Creating Functions in C++

Want to further your communication with technology? Functions make your code fly, count, run, or anything else that you can think of. You have used a few already and may not have even realized it, and now it’s time for functions to steal the spotlight! Create awesome C++ programs and code with the best of them. Throw those functions into your code and you’ll discover just how much you can do!

Web Design

Web Development with HTML and CSS

In this HTML Basics course you will build a Tech Rocket profile page for our Tech Genius Alex! We will learn about the internet and how we can use HTML and CSS to build an awesome web page, all while using our HTML Builder.

Hour of Code™ on Tech Rocket

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Ruby Basics

Claire the Cat needs your help to prepare for her first book reading! In this free Hour of Code™ course, you’ll build a program using Ruby and help Claire fill in the missing parts of her story. Free, fun and under an hour long! Purrfect!

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Tales from the JavaScript 1

You’re stuck in a spooky room with a ghost lurking about. Want to escape this madness? You’ll learn JavaScript Math and Variables, then use your new-found skills to print out the combination that let’s you escape this haunted house safely!

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Tales from the JavaScript 2

Now you’re trying to communicate with the spirits of the beyond. But you'll be using JavaScript programming, not phone calls or texts! Learn JavaScript operators and If/Else Statements, and then use this knowledge to call forth spirits of the unknown. Just don’t dial the wrong ghost.

Tales from the JavaScript 3

It's not over yet as this time you've been challenged to a dance-off. Your moves will be programmed through JavaScript functions! Learn and then create JavaScript functions, and you’ll bust some amazing moves and dance your way to victory.

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Bad Luck in Space with Python 1

In this adventure, you’re lost in space and stuck in a different dimension. Oh no! Learn the basics of Python programming including printing messages and use your handy-dandy skills in order to contact mission control. Get started!

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Bad Luck in Space with Python 2

You've safely arrived at another Python coding adventure - but this time, your engine is giving you problems. Learn how to use Python’s variables and operators and program that engine to start rolling again. Let’s go!

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Bad Luck in Space with Python 3

The last stage is where heroes are made, and it’s no different in this Python coding adventure. In this episode, aliens are trying to attack the space station! How do you fight back? You check your Python programming armor of lists and if/else statements to figure out how to approach this sticky situation. Put your cape on and start your journey to save the spaceship, the space station, and the cats!