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Learn programming with courses on Java, C++, Python & iOS.

Game Design
Learning programming can be intimidating, but not here! Our online coding courses cover the most popular programming languages. Use your newfound programming skills to make apps, games, and program gadgets.


Getting Started with Python

Arrr, Matey! This introductory Python course is pirate-themed. Learn a world of data types, variables, comments, and more basic elements–no wooden leg required!

Conditional Statements in Python

Gain an understanding of conditional statements in this course. If/Else statements and loops will bend before your might! Show us your strength, young adventurer.

Function Creation in Python

Continue climbing the Python mountain and pick up functions and methods along the way. We have a special challenge waiting for you at the top… create your own pirate! Arrr you ready?


Java Basics

In this introductory course, travel through the world and outer space to explore Java! Learn to create your very first program, and then build standard programming structures.

Object-Oriented Programming

Continue your Java™ journey and learn about arrays and classes. Learn to simplify your code and use fewer commands thanks to newfound Java™ wizardry!

Advanced Java Concepts

Take an in-depth look at core topics in Java. Explore key elements like operators, inheritance, and debugging. Some elements in this course are also covered on the AP Computer Science Exam.


Getting Started with iOS Development

Level up those iPhone and iPad skills already! Step into a whole new world. Learn the basics of Xcode and iOS, and open doors for your future. Don’t get left behind, newbie!

iOS Development Tools

You have the talent, but do you know the tools? Get exactly what you want out of Xcode by using interface controller objects, images, animations, and more in this course.

Advanced iOS Development Tools

Learn more about the handy-dandy tools that help you explore Xcode and iOS. Hone your skills to perfection with knowledge and practice!


Getting Started with C++

Want to talk to robots? Build epic games? Program machines? Of course, who doesn’t! Take this introductory C++ course and learn the basics of this popular programming language.

Conditional Statements in C++

What happens if you build robots and they talk back? What happens if they don’t? Prepare yourself for all possibilities by mastering conditional statements in this C++ course.

Creating Functions in C++

Take your communication with technology to a higher level. Use functions and control your code in awesome new ways. Design games. Program satellites. Get started with this course… if you can handle the power!

Hour of Code™ on Tech Rocket

Bad Luck in Space with Python 1

You’re lost in space. Stuck in another dimension. Learn a few basics of Python programming in order to contact Mission Control and come back to Earth safely!

Bad Luck in Space with Python 2

You need to get that spaceship moving again! Use variables and operators in Python to crack the code so you can get out of there.

Bad Luck in Space with Python 3

Aliens are attacking the space station! Arm yourself with lists and if/else statements in Python to fend off the UFOs and save the cats.