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Code with C++

Learn C++ programming with online courses for kids and teens.

Game Design



Learn C++ programming with online courses for kids and teens.

Getting Started with C++

Want to talk to robots? C++ will help you communicate with machines. This snazzy object-oriented programming language is perfect for everything from desktop applications to systems design to video games. You can literally tell the computer exactly what you want it to do. Learn the basics of C++ and bend this language to your will!

Conditional Statements in C++

What happens if the robots talk back? What happens if they don’t? Be ready for all possibilities by mastering conditional statements. With conditionals, tell your programs when to run and when not to. After this course, you will be coding like a pro, looping and checking conditions with real mastery!

Creating Functions in C++

Want to further your communication with technology? Functions make your code fly, count, run, or anything else that you can think of. You have used a few already and may not have even realized it, and now it’s time for functions to steal the spotlight! Create awesome C++ programs and code with the best of them. Throw those functions into your code and you’ll discover just how much you can do!