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2016 02 01

Swift Wildfire: Business As Usual Course

Swift Wildfire: Business as Usual is an exciting introductory course into the world of iOS app building using Apple’s new programming language, Swift, and developing application Xcode. This course provides an in depth, hands-on approach for the iOS beginner. Students are taken into an engaging action story (Wildfire) where students build two functional mobile apps. Welcome to Swift Wildfire!

Course Prerequisites
  • Platform: Mac
  • Software: Xcode
  • Installation: Installation of Xcode is covered in Level 1.
  • Required Skills: Basic programming knowledge is recommended.
  • Other: An Apple Developer Account is required to run your app on a device, or to publish it to the App Store, but is not required to complete the course.
2015 12 17



My name is Alex and I'm here to teach you Code, Game Design and Graphic Design.

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