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Game Design

Interactive courses on Minecraft, Unity, & GameSalad.

Code Graphic Design
Minecraft modding. 3D first-person shooters. 2D old school side-scrollers. Whatever your passion, our interactive online courses on game design help you learn the fundamentals and then build awesome environments and epic games.


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Modding with Java™: Custom Weapons in Minecraft

Ever wanted to mod in Minecraft? Take your Java coding skills to the next level by learning how to create and modify items in Minecraft by creating your very own bow that shoots exploding arrows!

Redstone Manor's Bottomless Brunch in Minecraft

A custom Minecraft world? Check. Electrical engineering principles? Check. Combining the love of Minecraft with the knowledge of how to build functional circuits? Check! In this course, students defend the Redstone Manor from outside intruders by building projects using functional circuits.

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Creating Thor's Hammer in Minecraft with Code Kingdoms

In this special edition Minecraft Modding course, Tech Rocket has joined forces with Code Kingdoms to give you your very own lightning hammer! You will learn how to use the Code Kingdoms drag and drop editor to code your very own hammer that rains down lightning on all of your foes. In this course, we will walk through creating a free trial Code Kingdoms account, and you will be given your very own personal server to test out all of your mods.


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Level Design with Unity and Magica Voxel

People make games. How? With the Unity Game Engine! If you want to join the ranks of millionaires, creatives, and hobbyist coders who design games too—then Unity is the free tool for you! This kick-off course gets you into the engine while working on your level design skills. We'll provide the assets, you bring the creativity, and together we'll build a whole new world!


Starting with GameSalad

If you have dreams of building games, but aren’t sure where to start, there is only one tool that will help you to achieve them. It’s pretty simple, lets you create almost any game you can imagine, and comes pre-loaded with a bunch of cool assets for you to use in your levels. Hope you’re hungry for some game design skills, because you’re about to get a healthy dose of GameSalad.

Designing an Angry Birds Style Game

In this helping of GameSalad, you get to take a closer look at what it can really do. You will focus on some of the unique features and tools that make building games that allow you to create games that are exactly like what you will see on the net. It’s time to take another big bite of knowledge!

Advanced GameSalad Projects

Hopefully you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew, because there is plenty more GameSalad to cover. You’ll move up into the meaty part of this game engine where you can control all of your game objects, and design actions and conditions like never before.


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Game Physics with Stencyl

Ready to start your game design journey? Using Stencyl, you’ll create an interactive solar system, complete with planets of your own design and a sun that takes on all challengers. Change gravity, planet sizes, and more with a function-rich visual coding language.