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Game Design

Interactive courses on Minecraft, Unity, Unreal Engine & GameSalad.

Code Graphic Design
Minecraft modding. 3D first-person shooters. 2D old school side-scrollers. Whatever your passion, our interactive online courses on game design help you learn the fundamentals and then build awesome environments and epic games.


Getting Started with Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is the hot 3D game people love. You already play it for hours, so why not build a world of your own? Learn the basics of Minecraft modding in this course.

Minecraft Items and Ores

Your custom world needs some cool gadgets. You’ll learn how to add them in this Minecraft modding course, along with texture and XP. Make it so beautiful you cry tears of joy!

Advanced Minecraft Techniques

Custom food. Custom potions. Custom achievements. Custom armor. Customize everything in this course and become a mod-legend!


Getting Started with Unity

Unity is used to create epic game environments because of its power. But before you can unleash the beast, you need to learn how to navigate this platform and build key objects! Start with this introductory course.

Building Objects and Environments in Unity

Learn how to build awesome objects and environments in this course. Master terrain, skyboxes, and much more. The tutorials in this Unity course will empower you with a solid foundation!

Programming Interaction and UI in Unity

You have your objects and environments in place. What’s next? Programming is the next step to building a fully interactive level. Open doors and destroy the enemies that stand in your way!


Starting with GameSalad

2D games are easy to build and tons of fun! Learn the basics, including creating and destroying characters and changing background scenery with this introductory GameSalad® course.

Designing an Angry Birds Style Game

Continue your side-scroller game design education and learn how to design and perfect levels, scenes, boundaries, and camera motions in this course. Design a game like Angry Birds!

Advanced GameSalad Projects

This advanced course will teach you how to control game objects and design actions and conditions. Create collectibles, keep score, set the respawn counter, and learn much more with this course!

Unreal Engine

Welcome to Unreal® Engine

Unreal Engine is a platform many game designers love. In this introductory course, learn the ropes and build and populate your first 3D game level.

Unreal Engine Level Construction

Level design is what Unreal Engine does best. Learn how to use the tools that will help you decorate your levels. Walls, ceiling, lighting, terrain–let’s go!

Making Materials in Unreal Engine

Learn how to create materials and transform plain surfaces into something out of your favorite games.