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Game Design with Unity

Learn Unity game design with online courses for kids and teens.

Code Graphic Design



Want to learn an all-in-one mobile game design powerhouse? If so, Unity is the answer! Create awesome 3D environments, physics simulations and interactivity, and work with character controllers to create epic first-person and third-person games.

Getting Started with Unity

Unity is used to create epic game environments because of its power. But before you can unleash the beast, you need to learn how to navigate this platform and build key objects! Start with this introductory course.

Building Objects and Environments in Unity

Learn how to build awesome objects and environments in this course. Master terrain, skyboxes, and much more. The tutorials in this Unity course will empower you with a solid foundation!

Programming Interaction and UI in Unity

You have your objects and environments in place. What’s next? Programming is the next step to building a fully interactive level. Open doors and destroy the enemies that stand in your way!